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body - mind coaching


Body-mind coaching helps to learn how to achieve your goals and find balance in your life. It works with sub-mental schemes and predictions. It touches hidden mind and body limitations. It is a form of self-therapy, where the therapist doesn't give any diagnosis or advice, but instead offers partnership. The tutor helps you to discover your own - intuitive and personal - way to work with the limitations. The therapy and the coaching process are complemented by the work with the body. When the mind is blocking you with thoughts and predictions and barricades itself within a shell of fears, the body keeps "screaming out" the messages from your soul.

Releasing tensions and traumas from the muscles, nervous system and breath, allows to realize these emotions, which could not be communicated by the mind.

Combining these two methods helps to expand the levels of work and release the locked areas, which restrained your life from going on.

Dance & Be is dedicated to those people, who believe that every moment is good to live their life to the utmost, feel free and enjoy each day.


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