I’ve kept many precious insights and I am putting them into life. For example, to live at 100% - not 200% or 150%, but 100%. Now I understand why I felt drained at work – it’s because I gave it my 200-300%, instead of 100%. So each time I notice that my body is getting a little tense, I tell myself: „I decide to live at 100% (…) and I get relaxed, trying to estimate how much energy I must spend to be just right. And that’s something amazing, because I act in relaxation and I still achieve just as much as I’d achieve working at 200%... Today, when I was coming back from work I didn’t feel tired - I was full of energy. That’s something I’ve been trying to overcome for months, and this key sentence gave me the answer – suddenly I realized how to solve the problem. I am delighted!!!! Thank you.

Student of a 3-month Dance & Be course

On September 15th, 2012, during the 3rd PTPG Conference, Dennise Guzman Leon conducted the „Awareness of the connection – movement, improvisation and intimacy” workshop.
I am pleased to certify that the workshop was led in a natural, yet very professional manner. Dennise is a woman full of passion whose dance work became the joy of her life. She has got the natural skill to lead workshops, and to create a secure space for the participants, where they can act and experiment while feeling at ease. Dennise feels and knows what she is doing. 
This workshop gathered psychotherapists and people connected with the Gestalt community. All of them could share the moments of being, feeling and experimenting, through the connection with themselves and with others. 
The entire workshop was successful and I do recommend Dennise Guzman Leon’s proposition to everyone (people and organizations).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Aldona Kostecka

The moment of meeting Dennise will remain an unforgettable memory for me. Her workshops are different from all forms of activity I have known before. I had an opportunity to discover the areas of my body, which had been waiting to be discovered. I wasn’t learning to dance - the dance was teaching me. The dance „danced itself”. It was a wonderful feeling to get rid of all the control in my mind and to simply be.

Małgosia, Interior Designer

We highly appreciate Dennise Guzman Leon’s professionalism and commitment and we do recommend  collaboration with her to all the people and organizations which value human relations. We truly believe that such people as Dennise can empower women to increase the quality of their own lives and to make all their dreams come true. Thank you for the good cooperation.

Małgorzata Sawicka, Manager of the Successfull Women Academy

Beautiful and wonderful workshops for those, who want to experience, discover and understand themselves… and be THEMSELVES. You share so much love through your work, changing our perception of the world that surrounds us. It has been an amazing experience and I am sharing it with my daughter - for it’s a beautiful thing a mother can give to her child.

Iwona, Disabled People’s Guardian